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It’s not whether we will die
 but how we will live!

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How I Work with You

You are Unique:

Your problems are as unique as you are. I make a precise diagnosis and custom-design your most effective and efficient course of action.

We will co-create an approach of treatment custom made to fit you and your lifestyle. Then we will form a healing partnership and create insightful, experiential “magic” moments together.

The Power Within:

Onto a Pathway of a Higher and Better Destiny

One aspect of our work will be to bring the powerful healing forces already within you into play. By harnessing the revitalizing potential of empathy and validation, we will affirm and enhance your resilience and emotional resources and clear the impediments to a full and joyous life.

In our work together, you will learn to recognize patterns of dysfunctional behaviors and reactions and develop new strategies that will serve you better. Pervasive life-long patterns of avoiding painful emotions or situations (which leave you stuck) can often be effectively resolved in a short-term fashion.

Mostly I will work with you in the here and now to help you viscerally experience emotions that are blocking your freedom to fully express your Self, realize your goals, and pursue your dreams.

Building a Trusting Relationship:

Research has revealed that successful psychotherapy is primarily the result of the relationship between the client and therapist, and less dependent on the therapist's techniques.

Together we will form a trusting relationship wherein:

  • We will create a safe environment for you
  • I will be deeply committed to your healing
  • You will not be judged or criticized
  • I will be fully present and listen with compassion
    and understanding
  • You will not be alone in the face of intense emotions
    and difficult experiences
  • We will go the distance together

Multiple Modalities:

My combination of theoretical aspects of psycho-dynamic therapy and developmental neuro-science provides the framework for an accelerated course of action and short term issues can effectively be resolved in a time-limited number of focused sessions. (Trauma, long-term abuse, or chronic neglect often require extended therapy) 

Types of Clients:

I work with Individuals, couples, and families.

Augment Medical Treatment:

If you are currently in the care of a medical doctor/psychiatrist, you and your treatment specialist may find psychotherapy a valuable addition to psychotropic medications.


I take referrals from doctors, hospitals, psychiatrists, and other colleagues.

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